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  • This page shows the Events planned for and held in Greece during World Space Week
  • The list contains 50 events per page. The links at the bottom of the page can be used to view other sections of the list.
  • Events with a 'Y' in the Map column indicate that the exact location of the event has been mapped.
  • A plot of the 2023 mapped events can be seen here: 2023 Mapped Events
  • Questions or problems using the calendar please email

Country State/Province City Event Name Year Map Details


Greece Attica Ilion Εratosthenes 2022 in WSW 2022 2022 Event Details
Greece Attica Salamina Encounters with our Solar System 2022Y Event Details
Greece Attika Athens World Space Week 2022 at the University of Athens 2022Y Event Details
Greece Crete Heraklion World Space Week 2022 (Institute of Astrophysics - FORTH) 2022Y Event Details


Greece Athens Zografos Planets In Your Hand 2021Y Event Details
Greece Attiki Ilion Women in astronomy and space (timeline, presentation, games) 2021Y Event Details


Greece Attica Athens Changing Landscapes 2020 Event Details
Greece Attiki Ilion World Space Week @11ILION 2020Y Event Details
Greece Kilkis Kilkis From Earth to Space 2020 Event Details
Greece Messinia Kalamata Satellites in Kindergarten 2020Y Event Details


Greece Attica Athens ΝΕLIOTA: The NEO lunar impact flashes monitoring research programme 2019Y Event Details
Greece Attica Salamina The Solar System and its planets 2019 Event Details
Greece Attika Athens The one with the big bang 2019 Event Details
Greece Evros Alexandroupolis From Apollo to Artemis: The Conquest of the Moon 2019Y Event Details
Greece Rodopi Sapes “The Moon: Gateway to the Stars” 2019 Event Details


Greece Athens Astrogenesis - Hobby Festival 2018 Event Details
Greece Salamina Stardust 2018Y Event Details
Greece Attica Athens SPIN - Space Week 2018 Event Details
Greece Attica Athens World Space Week 2018 - National Observatory of Athens 2018Y Event Details
Greece Evros Alexandroupolis Space stations unite the world 2018Y Event Details
Greece Evros Alexandroupolis World Space Week in Alexandroupolis 2018Y Event Details
Greece Kilkis Kilkis A trip to the stars 2018 Event Details
Greece North Aegean Karlovasi, Samos World Space Week 2018 - Observational Astronomy Group, University of the Aegean 2018 Event Details
Greece Rodopi, Thrace, Greece Komotini "Who Cares STEM" eTwinning project 2018Y Event Details
Greece Rodopi, Thrace, Greece Komotini Our Inpsiring Planetarium 2018 Event Details
Greece University Campus, University of Athens Zografos, Athens, Greece World Space Week 2018 - University of Athens Greece 2018Y Event Details


Greece Evros Alexandroupolis 3rd Annual Astronomy Expo 2017 Event Details
Greece Evros Greece World Space Week Event in Alexandroupolis 2017 Event Details
Greece Thessaloniki, Greece Thessaloniki, Greece Alternative & Renewable Energy Quest – Symposium 2017 Event Details
Greece Thessaly Trikala World Space Week 2017 in Aketh Innovation Robotics Lab 2017Y Event Details
Greece University Campus, University of Athens Zografos, Athens, Greece World Space Week 2017 - University of Athens Greece 2017Y Event Details


Greece Achaia Patras 3rd Grade Explorers - Mission II :World Space Week 2016 2016Y Event Details
Greece Achaia Patras World Space Week 2016 in Arsakeio Primary School in Patras 2016 Event Details
Greece Athens Athens, Zografos World Space Week Event 2016Y Event Details
Greece Evros Alexandroupolis From Sputnik to today - Από τον Σπούτνικ στο Σήμερα 2016Y Event Details
Greece Heraklion Crete Heraklion Shooting for the stars, the open source way. 2016 Event Details
Greece Kapandriti Attikis Earth Observation from Space 2016Y Event Details
Greece Pieria Paralia Katerini The ISM-SPP Olympian School of Astrophysics 2016 2016 Event Details
Greece Thessaly Trikala Young Engineers build space rovers 2016Y Event Details


Greece Athens SGAC University of Athens World Space Week 2015 2015Y Event Details
Greece Kapandriti Attikis Discovery 2015 Event Details
Greece Volos Prelection on Dark Energy - Video o 2015 Event Details
Greece Attica Athens Basics for Space Course 2015Y Event Details
Greece Attica Athens si-Cluster Career Day 2015Y Event Details
Greece Greece-Europe Serres DISCOVERY 2015Y Event Details
Greece Samos Karlovassi documentary 2015 Event Details
Greece Western Greece Patras Space Networking Day 2015Y Event Details


Greece Thessaloniki Astroparty at Thessaloniki waterfront 2014Y Event Details
Greece Attica Acharnes Space Guiding Your Way 2014 Event Details
Greece Evros Alexandroupolis A trip to Universe 2014Y Event Details


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