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  • This page shows the Events planned for and held in Slovakia during World Space Week
  • The list contains 50 events per page. The links at the bottom of the page can be used to view other sections of the list.
  • Events with a 'Y' in the Map column indicate that the exact location of the event has been mapped.
  • A plot of the 2017 mapped events can be seen here: 2017 Mapped Events
  • Questions or problems using the calendar please email

Country State/Province City Event Name Year Map Details


Canada Manitoba Winnipeg World Space Weekend 2017 Event Details
Canada Manitoba Winnipeg World Space Weekend 2017 Event Details
Canada ON Toronto AstroTours 2017Y Event Details
Canada Ontario London Ask a Space Scientist! 2017 Event Details
Canada Ontario Toronto Public Viewing Night 2017Y Event Details
Canada Ontario Toronto The Long Path Towards Finding Habitable Exo-Worlds 2017Y Event Details
Canada Ontario Toronto World Space Week-Debate Night 2017 Event Details
Canada Quebec Montreal Montreal Space Symposium 2017 Event Details
Chile Cuarta Región La Serena "El empleo de la Información Geoespacial para la Gestión de Emergencias" 2017 Event Details
China Beijing Organize Academicians and Experts Public Meeting Day 2017 Event Details
China Beijing Online WSW Promotion 2017 Event Details
China Beijing WSW Poster Distribution 2017 Event Details
China Shanghai Shanghai The Science of Space Exploration 2017 Event Details
Colombia Cundinamarca Bogotá World Space Week Colombia 2017: Spreading knowledge in aerospace 2017Y Event Details
Colombia Valle del Cauca Cali Semana Mundial del Espacio - Univalle 2017Y Event Details
Croatia Brave New World 2017Y Event Details
Croatia Exploring the unknown (Istražujući nepoznato) 2017 Event Details
Croatia Istraživanje novih svjetova u svemiru 2017Y Event Details
Croatia Spoznajmo svemir 2017 Event Details
Croatia Svjetski tjedan svemira 2017 Event Details
Croatia Đakovo Svemir u malom 2017 Event Details
Croatia Đurđevac Planete Sunčevog sustava 2017Y Event Details
Croatia Čakovec Detection of Extrasolar Planets 2017 Event Details
Croatia Čakovec Living in space 2017 Event Details
Croatia Čepin Dancing Earth 2017 Event Details
Croatia Babina Greda Dani svemira 2017Y Event Details
Croatia Bol Design new world 2017Y Event Details
Croatia Daruvar Sun & Moon observation 2017Y Event Details
Croatia Dubrava World Space Week Dubrava 2017 2017Y Event Details
Croatia Dubrovnik Peering towards Cosmic Dwan 2017Y Event Details
Croatia Dubrovnik Svjetski tjedan svemira u Lapadu 2017Y Event Details
Croatia Koprivnica To be or not to be 2017Y Event Details
Croatia Labin Svjetski tjedan svemira 2017 Event Details
Croatia Martijanec Promatranje nebeskih objekata 2017 Event Details
Croatia Našice World Space Week 2017 Event Details
Croatia Osijek Istraživanje i snalaženje na Marsu 2017Y Event Details
Croatia Otočac Računala svemirskih letjelica 2017Y Event Details
Croatia Petrinja Svemirski tjedan u našoj školi 2017 Event Details
Croatia Pitomača Svjetski tjedan svemira 2017 Event Details
Croatia Slavonski Brod Workshop-Space and Spacecraft 2017Y Event Details
Croatia Slunj Obilježavanje Svjetskog tjedna svemira 2017 Event Details
Croatia Split Solar System 2017Y Event Details
Croatia Varaždin Dječji tjedan svemira 2017Y Event Details
Croatia Varaždin Računala svemirskih letjelica 2017Y Event Details
Croatia Varaždin Svemirske misije 2017Y Event Details
Croatia Vinkovci Space Week: Istraživanje novih svjetova u svemiru 2017 Event Details
Croatia Zagreb All night Science Fiction Themed Movie Marathon 2017 Event Details
Croatia Zagreb Istraživanja svemira kroz povijest 2017 Event Details
Croatia Zagreb Male priče o veeelikom svemiru 2017Y Event Details

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