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The complete World Space Week Brand Guidelines can be found here. Use this document to access the official logos, fonts, and colors designated for the World Space Week brand.

The World Space Week (WSW) logo is the service mark of World Space Week Association. All rights are reserved except as follows:

  1. Any organization may use the WSW logo to promote any event which has been entered into the WSW calendar, with the exception noted below.
  2. All approved WSW National and Local Coordinators may use the WSW logo to promote WSW, with the exception noted below.

No entity, including those listed above, may use the WSW logo on any product for sale, or use the WSW logo to promote any product or service for sale, without a license from World Space Week Association. For licensing inquiries, please contact the Association.

Questions about how we developed the new logo and its connection to space? Read the full story here.

Here are a few quick access links for your convenience:

World Space Week Official Logo:


Logo With Dates:

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WSWA Logo:

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Logos For All Countries:


Make Your Own Logo:

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Official Colors:


Download Official Fonts:


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