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Working with World Space Week

How we operate

World Space Week is the organization responsible for facilitating the UN declaration of 1999, in which the week of 4 to 10 October was declared World Space Week. As such we do not organize any events ourselves, but instead we manage a large network of volunteers who promote, advertise, encourage, report and ultimately advise many individual event organizers in all countries of the world. These hundreds or even thousands of event organizers make World Space Week happen.

The global management of this network and the direct relation with the United Nations is maintained by the World Space Week Association. A very small number of global volunteers manages the World Space Week brand and organizes the highest level infrastructure, such as this website, the annual poster and other documentation. They operate under the governance of the Board of Directors and report the results of World Space Week back to the United Nations.

The vast majority of people involved in the organization of World Space Week are our National Coordinators. They have relationships with event organizers in their country, region or city, they inform the local media and drive local campaigns to encourage participation. They also report back the results of World Space Week in their territory.

To further promote World Space Week we have an international network of partner organizations, that share our objectives to inform and excite society about space, science and technology. You can find these partners here.

Last but not least we are a not-for-profit NGO, fully financed by donations from organizations and individuals that share our vision and goals. In exchange we offer these donors access to our network, knowledge and audiences.

How can you be involved?

  • As a donor. We are always looking for organizations and individuals willing to support our cause. We can offer a lot in exchange. Please read more here.
  • As a partner. Do you share our vision and goals and are you an international not-for-profit organization? Then we would love to add you to our partner network. Please see here how to get in touch.
  • As a global volunteer. Our global team of volunteers is small, but we often have vacancies. Working in our global team requires a few specific skills and some of your valuable time. In exchange you become part of a United Nations effort to educate the world about space, science and technology. And you get access to some of the coolest places and people in the space industry! Check our vacancies here.
  • A a national coordinator. We are present in about half of the world’s countries, but not in all of them yet. In addition we often require local coordinators, to promote World Space Week in your region or city. You can find the list here. Is your country not listed, please contact us to see if you can help! Have a look at the National Coordinator duties here.
  • As an event organizer. We need unlimited numbers of volunteer event organizers! You are what makes World Space Week to what it is. Participating as an event organizer is simple! Have a look here or contact your National Coordinator to get you going!

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