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Event ID:  1447
Contact Name:  Ariane Cornell
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  +43 1 718 11 18-30
Organization:  Space Generation Advisory Council
Event Web Site:
Dates:  8th October 2009 to 10th October 2009
Physical Event: 
Type:  Private
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Country:  Korea, Republic of
City:  Daejeon
Event Name:  Space Generation Congress 2009
Event Description:  The Space Generation Congress (SGC) is the annual meeting of the most active members of the Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC), so get involved today! This year, the SGC sessions will be centered around the 5 themes of the IAC: agency, industry, climate, exploration, and peace. Participants are both students and young professionals under 35 years old. SGAC aims to promote space exploration and to be the voice of youth in support of space. Registration is closed for 2009 but please keep an eye out for registration for the 2010 Congress.
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Report on the Results:  We believe that SGC 2009 was a success. Of recent conferences, we believe that this was the most professional, high caliber event that SGAC has produced. The 75 delegates (of which 21 were sponsored to attend by SGAC and its partners) that attended were of a superior quality and we felt that the intellectual level and the fact that we had a demonstrable output was a clear success. We effectively recruited sponsors and provided them with tailored sessions which culminated in a product and many ideas for future work. Above all we gave 22 scholarships to SGC 2009, more scholarships than SGAC has ever given before. Many of these scholarships were to students from developing countries.
Attendance:  75
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Media Impressions:  20
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