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Event ID:  19003
Contact Name:  PANU HALDER
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  7415781776
Event Web Site:  http://www.
Dates:  4th October 2018 to 10th October 2018
Physical Event: 
Type:  School
Start/End Type: 
Country:  India
State/Province:  CHHATTISGARH
Event Name:  SPACE WALK
Event Description:  To bring curiosity among kids for gaining knowledge about space and its technology which could impactfully aware students and to encourage students who want to bring change by furnishing their knowledge This walk is going to be organized
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Report on the Results:  Space Walk was an exhibition organized by Nature Bodies Science Club in which students of more than 40 schools of Bilaspur city took part with the key agenda to provide knowledge to them about space and technology. The students were actively involved in the process of "learning by doing" to get a better idea of how the World above thermosphere looks like ! This event was brought to a successful destination with the key involvement of 40 volunteers who invested their talent and passion to amplify the level of curiosity and learning experience.
Attendance:  6500
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Media Impressions:  10000
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