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Contact Name:  Paul Quast
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Organization:  The Beyond the Earth foundation
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Dates:  4th October 2018 to 10th October 2018
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Type:  On-line
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Country:  Global
Event Name:  Identifying off-world artefacts for space archaeology
Event Description: _________________________________________________________________ The [extended] Space Race era (1957 – 1991) during the Cold War is often regarded as one of the most inspirational phases of human proliferation and technological achievement in which global nations systematically launched thousands of artificial objects beyond Earth’s atmosphere. It has been subsequently stated within an assortment of modern media that the aggregate of this legacy has significantly contributed to the volumes of ‘junk’ deposited within outer space; objects which possess no intrinsic value or direct ‘useful’ benefits for the contemporary populace residing on Earth’s surface. In recent years, there have been a number of international proposals to mitigate this orbital debris which now poses hazardous risks to ‘the commons’ of our telluric system. While good housekeeping is always a progressive step in maintaining planetary stewardship for future human proliferation, international scholars have also highlighted the profound, archaeological significance of some of this irreplaceable material and how it embodies our civilisations’ geopolitical history as well as humanities’ pioneering steps off-world into our local, stellar neighbourhood; artefacts which cannot be replaced in retrospect of clean-up operations. _________________________________________________________________ The Beyond the Earth foundation and For All Moonkind alongside our international partners and space archaeologists have begun advocating for the preservation of several resources however the identification of ‘at-risk’ objects or elements of particular significance is an ongoing challenge with a shrinking window. To encourage communal contributions in defining this off-world legacy of humanity, over the duration of World Space Week 2018, the Beyond the Earth foundation and For All Moonkind’s social media channels will be featuring several objects within orbit and on other astronomical bodies which we believe possess profound archaeological significance for our off-world heritage and therefore warrant special consideration for future conservation efforts. In addition to these postings, we encourage the global public to also share their perspectives (via #spaceheritage) on what space infrastructure or explorational spacecraft they believe should also feature within forthcoming celestial heritage catalogues. To follow the foundation’s World Space Week postings on identified objects, please visit and contribute to our media channels. _________________________________________________________________ Beyond the Earth is a registered non-profit, public benefits and education foundation (SC048652) that adheres to both the egalitarian and common heritage of humankind principles; premises of international law which designate that defined elements of humankind’s collective (cultural and natural) heritage should be held in trust and protected from exploitation for the benefit of future generations. To this end, the foundation is committed to engineering non-partial, micro-etched archives that aim to support a bottom-up interpretation of the common cultural heritage of humanity – orbiting ‘Companion Guide to Earth’ artefacts which will enable deep-time archaeological observations by our distant descendants. In addition to this, we are also committed towards supporting unique educational activities within interdisciplinary fields of research, establishing strategies for conserving significant celestial infrastructure and also identifying indelible legacies we may confer upon the future occupants of Earth.
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