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Event ID:  22369
Contact Name:  Alpha Omega online digital Mars public
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  01626720656
Organization:  INB Philosophy LLC
Event Web Site:  Falkenweg 2
Dates:  4th October 2018 to 10th October 2018
Physical Event: 
Type:  Public
Start/End Type: 
Country:  Germany
State/Province:  Deutschland
City:  Schlat
Event Name:  Alpha Omega online digital
Event Description:  I Stay Close with the mars one Institution for bringing the the ne Technology of KI in Alpha Omega online digital. the KI Programm should Search in mars the Top Material of Lithium ans Uran. Mars One will Settlement the First human in 2030. INB Philosophie LLC is 4 Years old have adress in new york and Germany. I am a young entrepreneur of INB Philosophy LLC and would like to have a chip made by NXP with 3 special upgrades. 1! faster reaction time 2! take a higher risk 3! Increase performance in acting and doing. For this 3 I would like a chip in the smallest size what you can produce with AI and AI. I would like to use it for my research purposes, later planting it on an AI machine or even in the hyppocampus of a living organism, then analyzing the structure of neuronal structure and planting for 2030 one of the 100 astronauts in the mars one humane sttlement on mars show
Promotional Image:  No Image.
Report on the Results:  public with more IT knowlegment for the support between Mars and Earth 2030
Attendance:  10
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Media Impressions:  200
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