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Event Web Site:  American University of Beirut
Dates:  9th October 2018 to 9th October 2018
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Country:  Lebanon
City:  Hamra
Location:  AUB
Event Name:  The Logic of Investing in Space Technology and Space Applications for Lebanon’s National Development
Event Description:  AMERICAN UNIVERSITY OF BEIRUT MAROUN SEMAAN FACULTY OF ENGINEERING & ARCHITECTURE (MSFEA) Electrical and Computer Engineering Department Cordially invites you to a seminar (EECE 797) talk entitled The Logic of Investing in Space Technology and Space Applications for Lebanon’s National Development by: Abdul M. Ismail, CEO, Interplanetary Expeditions Ltd., UK date: Tuesday Oct 9, 2018 12:30 PM place: Engineering Lecture Hall, MMasri building, First floor Abstract: Space technology provides day-to-day benefits that most people, including politicians and citizens don’t realize. This is because the productiveness stems from the ‘downstream’ element (use of space applications, e.g. remote sensing, telecommunication, navigation, meteorology and science); whereas the ‘upstream’ element (background technology) is the infrastructure that remains invisible to users. Also, the media tends to only focus on covering the more fantastical elements of space activities; such as astronauts living on the international space station or Mars rovers – leading people to believe that investing in space technology is a waste of money. The objective of the first part of this presentation is to assist attendees to understand and appreciate both upstream and downstream elements and the numerous applications that assist in daily life. This will be achieved by firstly addressing the downstream followed by the upstream. While investment in the former does not require investment in the latter, the second part of the presentation will introduce the “tricks of the trade” that suppliers use to secure technology transfer contracts. The final part of the presentation will present a number of ideas that Lebanon can take to enter the ‘space race’. This approach does not have to mimic Western countries or wealthier Arab states. Alternative ways to generate income and how Lebanon can become an international player will be discussed.
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