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Event ID:  2358
Contact Name:  Despina Legetsi
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  00302551024270
Organization:  Legetsi s Model School
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Dates:  5th October 2010 to 8th October 2010
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Type:  School
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Country:  Greece
State/Province:  Evros
City:  Alexandroupoli
Location:  at school (2nd km Alexandroupolis-Makris, wall box 39)
Event Name:  Misteries of the Solar System
Event Description:  While children are at school (during the mornings), they are going to participate in an educational programme about our Solar System. The teachers will use: information from Greek Mythology, extract from documentaries, games of skils, drawings and folders with exercises. 4 and 5 years old children are going to find out how was our Solar System born, how do the planets look like, how does the Earth rotate (day-night), how do people travel to search the Universe.
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Report on the Results:  4 year old children experimented with sun light and shadow to find out Earth's rotation and the day-naight phenomenon. They also played with a globe and a flashlight in order to search in which country is day or night. 5 year old children: 1) learned what Ancient Greeks believed about Earth's and Sun's birth (Greek Mythology), 2) watched recent documentaries about our Solar System creation in order to compare with mythology and understand the scientific truth 3), played with a Solar System model, 4) made with their own hands a poster with the planets, 5) bodied foth Sorar System creation, as they saw it happening on the documentries, 6) enjoyed a role-playing game with cards, 7) worked with folders in order to digest their new knowledge, 8) draw planets on papers by their own initiative.
Attendance:  100
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