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Event ID:  2709
Contact Name:  Tarik Khalla
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Organization:  Network of amateur astronomers of Morocco
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Dates:  4th October 2011 to 10th October 2011
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Type:  School
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Country:  Morocco
State/Province:  Marrakech
City:  Marrakech
Location:  Marrakech
Event Name:  12th Edition of the Festival of Astronomy of Marrakesh
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Report on the Results:  More than 200 fans gathered at the high place that the cultural center of the Atlas Golf Marrakech to celebrate the end of the 12th Edition of the Festival of Astronomy of Marrakesh held from 1 to 12 October 2011 under the theme "Science, art and culture ". This unique festival in Morocco, became a key event of the scientific culture in Marrakech was a great success and a great success in the opinion of all the participants for the quality and variety of different activities designed by the organizers, and has affected more and more amateurs (students, students and general public). It is at the balance sheet to remind you that this festival has experienced the excitement of - Night Observation at lalla Takaerkoust (observation by telescope and planetarium visit: BENEFIT a thousand have the animation of our team of Zouhair, Ali Younes and myself - 05 conferences in different high schools in the region of Marrakech alhaouz - 05 lectures in the schools of the universities - Astronomical Coffee 01 - 01 conference at the French Institute of Marrakech hosted by André Brahic - Inauguration of the great cultural center of Marrakech Atlas of Golf, which was marked by speeches nice to Miss Hila Zineb Director of Golf Atlas, President of the University Cadi Ayyad and the Director of the Observatory of Oukeimeden and lecture by Professor Hasna Hassan Chennaoui University of meteorites. - 02 conference at the Cultural Centre to the Atlas of Marrakech Golf - Animation of a planetarium at the University ENCG - Night of the Stars in oukeimeden on Saturday 08 and has attracted hundreds of enthusiasts from different SDU City Morocco: Rabat, Casablanca, Settat, Marrakech and Khouribga, and held in a friendly and allowed the fans to debate all night about astronomy (practice, history and philosophy) On behalf of all of you and the organizing committee, I extend my heartfelt tribute to - Mr President Professor Abdellatif Miraoui of the UCA for his encouragement - Hila Mr Omar CEO of the Atlas Golf for his moral and material support of the festival - Mr Mohammed loudiki Professor Dean for his support FSSM - Mr The Director of IFM Jerome and Mrs. Claude Bloch Cortier the Cooperation Attaché for their support and also their involvement in the success of our partnership to develop scientific culture, not to mention our friend Laura who eventually Abouhaidar its mission in Morocco and has given much to the cooperation between the IFM and the University, I wish on this occasion a success to Ms. Cortier in his new mission. - Mr Director of AREF and his team to develop the entertainment program in high schools. - Miss Laura Lallement SCAC to monitor perfect for achieving the mission of André Brahic - Professor Zouhair Benkhaldoun President 3 AM for the perfect coordination I wish to extend my sincere thanks to 3AM leaders who have made every effort to the success of the festival: - Leila Medari Pr, Pr Ousssama Azegrouz, Pr Abdelfettah Habib, Khalid Rkha Pr, Pr Tebbe Abdelkader, Mohamed Benamara, Abdelmajid Benhida Pr, Pr Abdelhadi Jabiri, Aziza Bounhir Pr, Pr Lahrichi Mohammed, Ali and Younes Hafili Jamjari and Brahim Karmam I wish to extend my warm congratulations to the team for the Atlas Atlas Golf efficiency they showed in the organization of the various actions and their head Miss Hila Zineb I ask you to applaud. The club also welcomes students of astronomy FSSM perfect for involvement in the organization and animation (a cheer) On your behalf, I extend my sincere thanks to the various print media audio and television who accompanied us before and during the festival by a very professional and media coverage contributed to the success of this festival. Thanks to all those who contributed directly or indirectly lending to the success of this event. Before giving the floor to our dear guest Andre Brahic, I want to dedicate a great quote from Albert Einstein (father of general relativity) to our friend Hila Omar and said: "Do not try to become a man of success, try to become a man of value", we welcome the great values ​​of our friend Hila Omar. the closing conference of the festival will be hosted by the great French astronomer Andre Brahic at the University Paris 7 Denis Diderot and one of the leading experts in the solar system and especially the gaseous planets with rings (Saturn and Neptune) in your name, I want to thank for agreeing to help us with the success of this festival, I ask you to applaud. This conference will be followed by stargazing on the terrace of the cultural center
Attendance:  200
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Media Impressions:  100000
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