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Event ID:  2770
Contact Name:  Teodorescu Gabriel Nicolae
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Contact Phone:  0746.919588
Organization:  Gr. Sc.
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Dates:  4th October 2011 to 10th October 2011
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Romania
State/Province:  Cluj
City:  Cluj-Napoca
Location:  Cluj-Napoca, str.Vaida Voivod, nr.57
Event Name:  From Earth to the stars, in the field of astrophysics and astronomy news, current knowledge about the universe
Event Description:  Popularization of science and of astronomy and astrophysics among young people. Workshop, poster contest, essay, presenting the latest news from NASA, ESA, ROMANIAN Space Agency-ROSA, research in the field of researchers from prestigious universities in the world. Gabriel Teodorescu supported scientific Romania - the NASA space program - Mars Desert Research Romanian Space Station -ROSA coordinated, between 15 to 29 January 2011, the first Romanian mission simulation of a mission to Mars, RoMars 2011. Six young Romanian researchers will lead to scientific experiments Martian research base MDRS (Mars Desert Research Station) ... Create-only universe is a gigantic stage, space is finite, but without limta? It is a new formulation of the classical question: is the universe open or closed space? Einstein tried to find answers built the first model of the universe based on general relativity in 1917, gravity ... 1.Teory Einstein's relativity, ruled by the Sun? Theory of relativity, Einstein's, might be contradicted by a variation of a theory formulated almost a century ago by Arthur Eddington, who highlights the limits, by reporting the Sun. This could result in new theories of gravity, I think ... 2. 34 years since the launch of space probe Voyager 1 (Photo Gallery) 34 years ago, in September 1977, NASA launched space probe Voyager 1, with the task of overcoming our solar system and data collection and transmission of planets and satellites. Located at present in operation, the probe Voyager 1 is the first space mission that a. .. 3. Astrophysicists have made the first a supercomputer simulation of the formation and evolution of galaxies at the University of California Santa Cruz, in collaboration with researchers at the Institute for Theoretical Physics in Zurich, were able to accomplish, after 9 months of work on a supercomputer simulation of the formation and evolution of galaxies to the Milky Way. ... 4. For the earth will be swallowed by a black hole ... according to which the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) will destroy Earth Internrt persist, surprisingly, although it is almost three years after their launch. Rumors and conspiracy theories under which a microscopic black hole could swallow Earth have been ... 5. The most spectacular photos of astronomy, in 2011 (photo gallery) photos in 2011 in the International Astronomy Picture were presented internationally. Winners will be announced on September 8, 2011, following the award-winning works will be exhibited at the Royal Observatory, Greenwich, ... 6. Perseide 2011: Why is there this shower of stars? This year, the rain of meteors can be seen in the sky, the night... Experts from NASA Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville Center, Alabama, led by astronomer Bill Cooke, will be available worldwide curious to meet them, ... 7. Man will arrive on Mars in the next 20 years (photo gallery) At the August conference organized by the Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics American - AIAA, private company SpaceX has unveiled bold plans to send a manned Mars in the next 20 years. The company has U.S. space at this time ... 8. A new group ...exoplanet discovered by researchers at UC Berkeley, California in collaboration with people from San Francisco State University, led by Professor Kaspar von Braun, were discovered a double star system interesting exoplanet in the constellation Cancer 55. According to ... 9. A new theory explains the formation of terrestrial planets and Mars (Video) New model of solar system formation may explain the smaller size of Mars. The "Le Grand track", initiated by Kevin Walsh and Alessandro Morbidelli of the Cote d'Azur Observatory, and Sean Raymond, of the Astrophysics Laboratory of ... 10. Sensational discovery of our border solar... NASA spacecraft found a large agitated "magnetic bubbles" on the border of our solar system. The discovery could radically change how we understand the universe, researchers say...discuss at length the discovery .... 11. The first habitable planet in the universe, discovered by the French? Astrophysicists worldwide are looking for many years other habitable planets (or even inhabited) in the universe. They announced that Gliese 581 d might be "potentially habitable planet discovered first ever". French researchers from CNRS, Centre National ... 12. The speed of expansion of the universe, growing (Video) story "dark energy" and "dark matter" appeared in 1998, when astronomers reported that the most distant galaxies appear to be faster than the predicted distance and initial calculations. A study of a certain type of supernova confirm that the universe is expanding ...
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Attendance:  400
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