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Event ID:  2798
Contact Name:  Shakir Hussain
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  021-34650765 ext: 2229
Organization:  SUPARCO
Event Web Site:
Dates:  8th October 2011 to 9th October 2011
Physical Event: 
Type:  Public
Start/End Type: 
Country:  Pakistan
State/Province:  Sindh
City:  Karachi
Location:  NED University Lawn
Event Name:  Space Family Fair
Event Description:  Space Family Fair marking the closing of World Space Week celebrations shall be held on 08 and 09 October 2011 at NED. After the finals of quiz and declamation, prize distribution ceremony will be held for different competition conducted during the week. The Space Family fair shall include different colorful activities like, kids arena, food court, movies on space and water rocket demonstration etc.
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Report on the Results:  Space fair and exhibitions were held at all stations. Different colorful activities attracted children and general public to the event where special stalls also displayed graduating engineering student projects and space-related exhibits by SUPARCO. Documentaries on SUPARCO and space were also shown. Finals of the different competitions held during the week were also held which culminated in formal closing and prize distribution ceremonies.
Attendance:  7000
Attendance is Unique: 
Media Impressions:  1500000
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