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Event ID:  28494
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Dates:  1st October 2019 to 13th October 2019
Physical Event:  Yes
Type:  Other
Start/End Type:  Starts During WSW
Country:  United Kingdom
State/Province:  Cardiff
City:  Cardiff
Address:  1a Inverness Place
Location:  1a Inverness Place
Event Name:  Artist in Residence: in honour of the moon
Event Description:  madeinroath at 1a Inverness Place Current Residency Catherine Angle: in honour of the moon OPEN STUDIO EVENT - SUNDAY 13 OCTOBER, 2 - 5PM July 20, 1969 10:56 pm (EDT) Neil Armstrong is ready to plant the first human foot on another world, with more than half a billion people watching on television. In a post-flight press conference, Armstrong calls the flight "a beginning of a new age," Through a series of conversations and interviews during my residency, I will be undertaking research around key areas of space science, with a particular interest in our closest celestial neighbour. What is the artists’ role within space exploration? How do/can artists contribute to discussions around the ethics of space exploration; colonisation and ownership of celestial bodies? What part can we play, as creative practitioners, in these conversations? You can follow my research on madeinroath’s Instagram account @madeinroath. About madeinroath at 1a Inverness Place madeinroath have been resident at 1a Inverness Place – an empty shop just off Albany Road – since March 2018. This is the first time that madeinroath have had ‘official’ premises, and it has enabled us to consider new ways of working, and to offer artists the space to develop ideas within the context of a lively, vibrant and diverse community. Through our artist in residence programme, 1a has been transformed into a community hub, with a variety of uses: a museum, an indigo dying/textile studio, a tea room, a portrait studio, a sound recording booth and a workshop space.
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