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Event ID:  2854
Contact Name:  Raees Fida Sawati
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Dates:  11th October 2011 to 11th October 2011
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Pakistan
State/Province:  Baltistan
City:  Gilgit
Location:  Agha KhanEducation Services
Event Name:  Water Rocket Competition
Event Description:  Water rocket competion among school students shall be held on 10 Oct 2011 at Agha Khan Education systems.
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Report on the Results:  On the First day of the World Space Week 2011, Water Rocket competition was held. 21 Teams from different Schools and Colleges participated in the event. The participants were already trained by their teachers at their respective institutes. The training session was also arranged by AKHSS, Gilgit. The teams performed the tests with different models before the competition a week before. The teams prepared their rockets from the material provided. After the preparation of the rockets they were launched at the launching area prepared at AKHSS, Gilgit main ground. A lot of students came to see the launching of rockets. They showed interest and enthusiasm in the Water Rocket Competition. The decision of the winner was based on the maximum distance, flight behavior & the design developed by the students, rocket after its launch at given pressure of 5 bars. The maximum distance of 335 ft covered by a rocket made by Maria Yousaf, Kainat and Erum Naz from D.J School Sonikot and the second position had a tie in (Mishal & Shazi AKHSS, Hunza) & (Arifa Murtaz & Rumi Qayyum Sidna School Sidna School, Zulfiqarabad) AKHSS, Hunza rocket travelled 332 ft & Sidna School rocket travelled 325ft but the flight was quite smooth & the design was also good so both were decided to be declared as 2nd position. Third position was also a tie between Mountain School (Zain & Faizan) & AKHSS, Ghakuch (Mr. Nisar Ahmed & Miss Atiya Rehman) both rockets covered 285 ft.
Attendance:  150
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Media Impressions:  9000
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