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Event ID:  2924
Contact Name:  gamigo
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Organization:  gamigo Inc.
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Dates:  4th October 2011 to 10th October 2011
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Global
Event Name:  Black Prophecy MMO celebrates World Space Week
Event Description:  World Space Week, taking place from October 4th through 10th, is the largest annual space event on earth. Since 1999, it has acted as both an important educational resource and inspirational tool that has led millions of people to better grasp how the world we live is constantly being shaped by what’s beyond. In honor of this yearly celebration, the award-winning free to play space combat MMOG, Black Prophecy will be conducting 2 special events that very week. The 1st event will offer players an increase of 25% XP for missions and enemy kills. The 2nd will offer an additional 15% extra cash on all packet purchases worth 9,99€ or more in our Premium Shop. Celebrate World Space Week with us and utilize this opportunity to bolster your ship for the Warzone battles! Get a head start on the October 4th through 10th World Space Week XP and cash events by downloading Black Prophecy free from The latest Black Prophecy expansion, “Episode 2: Species War” was recently released. View the trailer here: Finally, keep up with keep updated with the latest news, events and community ramblings at
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