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Event ID:  3093
Contact Name:  Ioana Stoica
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Contact Phone:  004 0722 861 803
Organization:  Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science
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Dates:  4th October 2011 to 10th October 2011
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Romania
City:  Bucharest
Location:  Tudor Vianu National High School of Computer Science Bucharest
Event Name:  The Universe Begins with U
Event Description:  Comets!... Organizing committee: Ioana Bica, Alexandra Voinea, Danciu Bianca, Cipriana Anghel, Ioana Stoica. We love comets! Did you know that we can actually build them? The purpose of the activity was to inform our colleagues about comets. The project was developed by the students of the 10 D class, together with other students from our High School. The activities took place in the Physics Laboratory. We presented projects on this subject, surprising our colleagues with the uniqueness of this small Solar System body’s properties. We thought that this activity wouldn’t be complete without a practical experiment, so we decided to build our own comets. Using dry ice, ammonia, water, sand and honey, we made some smoky bodies which resembled the real ones in a surprisingly way. For further information, please feel free to visit “Learning through Teaching!” Organizing committee: Has Diana, Brezoiu Ana Maria, Ion Andrei, Filimon Andra, Nitica Patricia, Nicut Andreea Ioana, Hilder Daniel, Vacarelu Cristina, Savu Patricia, Andra-Laura Antonache, Cătălina Baltă, Livia Călin, Andrei Dragomir, Cosmina Păduraru, Laura Singheorghe, Madalina Stoica, Silvana Sorop, Sabrina Teodorescu, Ştefan Rinu, Ruxandra Vasile, Ioana Stoica. Trying to raise children’s interest in astronomy and space science, we thought that organizing an activity during the World Space Week is the best occasion to share our knowledge with younger kids. This is why we prepared a lesson that contained both basic information and interactive activities. This educational activity took place on Wednesday, October 26th, at Eugen Lovinescu High School and at Nos. 178 and 117 Secondary Schools which involved 3rd and 4th graders, coordinated by their form teachers Calin Marilena, Crivoi Cristina, Solomon Manuela, Codrea Mirela, Tibacu Florenta, Ivan Olimpia, Alexandrescu Niculina and Hristev Carmen. Moreover, some of us also went to the No. 117 Kindergarten, where Ms. Doina Ezaru and the little children were delighted by the surprises we had prepared for them. For further information, please feel free to visit Artificial Satellites Organizing commitee: Voicu Catalina, Gheorghe Anca, Turcu Raluca, Uzum Maria, Carabogdan Alexandru, Cionca Bogdan, Pangratie Andrei, Glontaru Alexandru, Marcu Cristian, Dragomir Cristian, Tache Andrei, Trofil Marius, Ioana Stoica. Our project was called "Artificial satellites". It was a real pleasure for us to make this project,we found out a lot of interesting facts about satellites,their history and how they work. For further information, please feel free to visit
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Report on the Results:  The students seemed to be really interested in the topics we had prepared for them: a presentation of the universe as a whole and another presentation of different celestial bodies. In this second presentation we draw together and we made comparisons between the information we gave them and a handmade model of different types of galaxies. We also prepared with the kids water rockets we launched them. For the building of these rockets we used common materials such as plastic bottles, cartoon and glue. As organizers, we were pleasantly surprised by the easily way the students assimilated and understood the information we gave them, posing us really interesting questions. We also thought of sharing with them some of our experience regarding NASA and showed them some of our projects by bringing them our class` prize, a tektite. Because this type of activity wasn’t done for the first time, one of us thought that something new would make the children pay attention. So she baked some cookies in the shape of Saturn, cookies which were very appreciated by the little learners. In the end, we organized a small contest between the classes, which involved launching the rockets built during our activity.
Attendance:  250
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