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Event ID:  3125
Contact Name:  António H. F. Maia
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  +351 245 605 090
Organization:  OARG - Observatório Astronómico da Ribeira Grande
Event Web Site:ório-Astronómico-da-Ribeira-Grande-Monte-das-Estrelas-Fronteira/216510751728377
Dates:  8th October 2011 to 30th October 2011
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Portugal
State/Province:  Alto Alentejo > Portalegre > Município de Fronteira
City:  Fronteira
Location:  Monte das Estrelas, 7460 Fronteira, Portugal
Event Name:  Astro Encontro, Astropintura, Dracónidas
Event Description:  16:30 - Inauguração da Exposição de Astropintura de Luís FM Carmo (de 8 a 30 Out) / Inauguration of the Exhibition of Astropainting by Luís FM Carmo (from 8 to 30 Oct) ------ 17:30 - Astro Encontro: vários tópicos nas áreas da Astronomia e Astronáutica; Observação Solar / Astro Meeting: several topics of Astronomy and Astronautics; Solar Observation ------ 21:00 - Observação do Céu Nocturno (telescópios e binóculos): Apresentação das Constelações, Dracónidas, Júpiter, Lua (e outros objectos celestes) / Night Sky Observation (telescopes and binoculars): Constellations, Draconids, Jupiter, Moon (and other celestial objects). (note: local time UTC/GMT, +1 hour* = DST*)
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Report on the Results:  During the afternoon of October 8th, Luís Carmo's Exhibition of Astropainting ( ) was inaugurated, followed by a session of Solar Observation (SolarScopes, Orion SkyQuest XT8 + filter and Coronado 70mm). At the AstroMeeting the participants had contact and talked about the potentialities of Fronteira's Astronomical Observatory, its activities, projects (example, Project Transit: ); tips were also shared for observing the Draconids and some other Astronautics (example: NASA's Orion spacecraft) and Astronomy topics were mentioned / discussed (example: Great World Wide Starcount). To conclude the AstroMeeting, an Water Rocket has been launched. Most of the present for the AstroMeeting also had dinner at the Observatory in a kind of 'astro-pique-nique'. The number of participants on the night's activities was much, much higher (when comparing with the afternoon). After a brief presentation of the night sky, people sat in strategically placed rows of chairs (at the shadow of the building) in order to protect their eyes from the Lunar glow and to optimize the observation of the Draconids: despite the number of observed meteors was not very precisely counted, the estimation was ~60 Draconids (+/-10) seen in a time frame ranging from ~20:30 up to ~21:30/22:00 (local time). Beyond binoculars we also had 3 x 8'' Dobson, 1 x 12'' Dobson and one very nice catadioptric telescope with binoviewer (this last Dobson and the catadioptric – and several cool eyepieces - brought by fellow Amateur Astronomers). Being the International Observe the Moon Night, the focus then changed to our natural satellite, to Jupiter and its moons, to many other celestial objects (Andromeda Galaxy, Double Cluster in Perseus, Ring Nebula, the always interesting Albireo, Coathanger Asterism, Pleiades, etc). Meanwhile people also were visiting the interior of the Observatory, with guided tours to the Control Room and to the Dome where the main telescope is installed (C-14 + SBIG ST-10XME CCD + Paramount ME)... Several groups of visitors were able to see the telescope in action to take a photography of c/2009 P1 Garrad comet. In the last part of the night, with a reduced group, the focus changed to the mighty Orion Constellation, its sword, and Jupiter... higher and brighter... and a few other objects. Due to several factors, it was not possible to precisely count the number of visitors but it is estimated that at least 80 up to 100 persons (or more) visited us on that day. The Astropainting exhibition continued in the Observatory until the end of October: on the last day we had a 14'' Dobson to play with, again courtesy of a fellow amateur astronomer. A picture (by N. Santos) of that October 30th's mini-astro-meeting can be seen at ( ).
Attendance:  90
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