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Event ID:  35747
Contact Name:  Tanmaye's Amazing Space
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  9824316165
Organization:  Tanamye's Amazing Space
Event Web Site:
Dates:  4th October 2020 to 10th October 2020
Physical Event:  No
Type:  Other
Start/End Type:  Both Starts and Ends During WSW
Country:  India
State/Province:  Gujarat
City:  Ahmedabad
Address:  Tanmaye's Amazing Space
Location:  Ahmedabad
Event Name:  Satellite: Our Future Lifeline
Event Description:  This year's World Space Week is going to be a unique one all around the world because of social distancing. But as we all live under the same sky we all breathe same Astronomy. Why not get creative sitting at home and celebrate this time. Register here and participate for the given theme (Satellites: Our Future Lifeline): 1. Poster Making - A2 size 2. Model Making - 24" (Make a video while making the model to teach everyone how you made it) 3. Essay Writing - (900 - 1000 words) Best work will be given a FREE "ST@RT" club membership of 2 months worth 500/- Besides, best of your efforts will be published on our upcoming website (in a month)
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Report on the Results:  Didn't expect this much enthusiasm around the country to celebrate World Space Week!!! There have been 60 to 70 participations who came up with amazing and creative ideas of their article, model or poster. Be it a simple model, or an article written in layman language or a normal creativity in posters, every work is unique in its own way. Sharing few snippets of posters, article and videos of model of people from different corners of India and outside. The posters, model and articles of winners and runner ups will be published on our website soon! Stay tuned. Also they can enjoy free ST@RT club membership for atmost 2 months. Happy World Space Week everyone. All of you have done a wonderful job. This participants are the future astronomers getting ready to launch . . .
Attendance:  50
Attendance is Unique:  Yes
Media Impressions:  130000
Media Impressions are Unique:  Yes

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