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Event ID:  36661
Contact Name:  T4i
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Contact Phone:  +390499271547
Organization:  T4i - Technology for Propulsion and Innovation
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Dates:  9th October 2020 to 10th October 2020
Physical Event:  No
Type:  Other
Start/End Type:  Both Starts and Ends During WSW
Country:  Global
Event Name:  Space Efficiency & Mobility
Event Description:  Since the first satellite was launched into orbit in 1957, space technology has evolved rapidly. Today, a growing number of satellites orbit around the Earth, making various Earth observation, communications, navigation and science applications possible. The Satellites Data are an essential tool to know the state of health (and therefore of malaise) of our planet and the important role these systems play in our daily lives cannot be underestimated. But what should a satellite be like and what services should it offer to make the maximum contribution to basic human needs and to the protection of the planet in the near future? Starting from this question and the “Sustainable Development Goals”, we will go on discussing what are the services offered by satellites and on how these services can be more effective with the innovations in the propulsion systems domain, both for access to space and in-space applications. Finally, we will introduce space transportation and in-orbit servicing theme, discussing how this new paradigm will impact the satellites services efficiency. Participants Anilkumar Dave, Head of Innovation and Technology Transfer at Asi - Italian Space Agency Luca Maresi, Head of Optics Section at ESA - European Space Agency Alessandro Zuccaro Marchi, Optical Engineer at ESA - European Space Agency Davina Maria Di Cara, Electric Propulsion Engineer at European Space Agency Michèle Lavagna, Professor at Politecnico di Milano - Aerospace Science & Technology Dept. Francesco Barato, Professor at Università degli Studi di Padova - Industrial Engineering Dept. Moderator Elena Toson, COO at T4i Technology for Propulsion and Innovation Join the meeting: ID meeting: 963 1081 6247 Passcode: 3691215
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