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Event ID:  4065
Contact Name:  Tarik Khalla
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Organization:  3AM
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Dates:  9th October 2012 to 16th October 2012
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Morocco
State/Province:  Marrakesh
City:  Marrakesh
Event Name:  13 th Edition of the Festival of Astronomy of Marrakesh
Event Description:  Under the theme "Exploring the Universe", the 13th edition of the Festival of Astronomy Marrakech, offers lovers of the sky and the ocher city, moreover, a rich and varied program. Event pioneer and unique in Morocco, this event is rooted in the cultural life of Marrakech, thanks in particular to a successful partnership between the Association of Amateur Astronomy, initiator of the event, the Faculty of Science Semlalia and the French Institute, partners of the first hour. The inauguration of the Observatory University Cadi Ayyad (Ouca) in 2007 and the realization of the Cultural Center of the Atlas Golf Marrakech (AGM) in 2009 came to give a serious boost to the event. This year, we will celebrate the festival on the Occasion of the recent discoveries in Ouca two comets and Asteroids two cruisers by Geo Telescope MOSS (Morrocan Oukaimeden Sky Survey). And a conference will focus on "looking for new worlds: extrasolar planets." We'll talk again about the relationship between art and science during the conference entitled "La Symphonie du Soleil". And one of the largest specialists observation sites will talk about the best observatories in the world. The festival is going to experience his vigils astronomical course very popular both in Oukaimeden Observatory at the AGM. Not forgetting, of course, in partnership with the Regional Academy for Education and Training, animation schools in the region.
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Attendance:  1000
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Media Impressions:  10000
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