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Event ID:  408
Contact Name:  Ayodele Faiyetole
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Contact Phone:  +234.803.2455.663
Organization:  EarthSpace Resources Foundation
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Dates:  8th October 2007 to 10th October 2007
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Type:  School
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Country:  Nigeria
Event Name:  WSW 2007, 50-Years of SPUTNIK 1 & Inauguration of YESS!
Event Description:  World Space Week 2007 marked by EarthSpace Resources Foundation was a 3-day long program, which took place from 8-10/10/2007. ^ 8th Oct., 2007 : Between 12.30 - 3.30 pm: Space Video Show after a series of activities that included an opening prayer. The founder of EarthSpace Resources Foundation, Mr. Ayodele A. Faiyetole gave a short introduction of World Space Week program and the history and significance of SPUTNIK1 to the Space industry. We had 4 schools in attendance including the host, Iganmode Grammar School, Ota, and a private school, The Bells Schools, Ota in Ogun State, Nigeria. Attendance: 80 (students and teachers) ^ 9th Oct., 2007 : Demonstration of Solar Ionospheric Disturbance (SID) monitor installation and data use. The SID was provided/on loan to EarthSpace by Stanford Solar Center in California. We equally demonstrated the use of SID archived data on the Stanford website. Attendance: 94 (students and teachers) ^ 10th Oct., 2007 : Closing ceremony. The programme started 10AM with opening prayer, National and School anthem and introduction of dignitaries amongst others. EarthSpace officially donated the SID to the host school, IGS, Ota. We equally inaugurated the Young EarthSpace Scientist, YESS! club. We also had Space Video Shows. In attendance were the Zonal Education Officer for the zone in Ogun State, Nigeria; Chairman, Board of Governors of the host school; additional 5 schools principals; 15 science teachers. We had six (6) invited schools in attendance. Attendance: 106 (students and teachers) Average number of people who attended the three-day event = 95
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Report on the Results:  ^ EarthSpace was able to lead an initiative to bring WSW event to individual schools in Nigeria. ^ EarthSpace are able to sensitize the students and teachers of these schools on the value of Space Science with the live demonstration of our SID monitor. ^ Students developed interest in having careers in Space science. ^ These program was televised to the general public through African Independent Television (AIT), which is on satellite, therefore, reaching more than one continent, hence millions of people. ^ The program was in at least two (2) national print media and web presence on Stanford site amongst others. ^ YESS! was inaugurated and has seen students keenly participating in their regular meetings. ^ The policy makers had ample opportunity to know about space science, and their policy contribution to space science is expected to increase.
Attendance:  95
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