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Organization:  SUPARCO - Pakistan Space & Upper Atmosphere Research Commission and Hasegawa Memorial Public School & College (HMPS&C)
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Dates:  8th October 2013 to 9th October 2013
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Pakistan
State/Province:  Gilgit Baltistan
City:  Karimabad, Hunza
Location:  Hasegawa Memorial Public School & College ground Karimabad Hunza
Event Name:  Space Walk
Event Description:  LOCATION & TIMING: Hasegawa Memorial Public School & College (HMPS&C) to Karimabad Zero Point 8:30 am to 10:00 am DESCRIPTION: Students, teachers, stakeholders from Govt. Administration , NGO heads and general public will be participating in Space Walk and will be witnessing the Mega event. 1500-2000 Students, teachers, general public and stake holders from various fields of life are expected to participate in the Space walk. Space walk shall be conducted with local Musicians & Pipe Band.
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Report on the Results:  Last and final phase had been designed in two parts i.e. Space Walk and Grand celebration. It took place by following events. • Space walk by students, teachers, professionals, CSOs’ representatives, notables holding placards and banners from HMPS&C to Zero Point Karimabad, Hunza.
Attendance:  15000
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Media Impressions:  50000
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