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Event ID:  4208
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Organization:  SUPARCO & IST
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Dates:  6th October 2013 to 6th October 2013
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Pakistan
State/Province:  Capital Territory
City:  Islamabad
Event Name:  Inauguration Ceremony
Event Description:  Inauguration Ceremony shall be held on 4th October at IST.
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Report on the Results:  At the Inauguration Ceremony, Student Affairs Department gave the welcome address featuring a detailed briefing about the importance and objectives of WSW celebrations and competitions and activities included in the World Space Week. Dr. Sarwar Naqvi graced the occasion as Chief Guest who has worked at the National Aeronautics & Space Administration (NASA) Johnson Space Center in Houston for over 32 years and has made major contributions to the NASA astronaut training program in Houston, Texas USA. He talked about the importance of Space Technology and enlightened the audience with his scholarly views about Exploring Mars, Discovering Earth-the theme for this year's World Space Week.
Attendance:  250
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Media Impressions:  220000
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