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Organization:  SUPARCO & IST
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Dates:  4th October 2013 to 6th October 2013
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Pakistan
State/Province:  Capital Territory
City:  Islamabad
Event Name:  SPACE FAIR
Event Description:  • Kids Arena • Food Stalls • Book Stalls • Planetarium • UAV Lab Visit • Posters Display • Space Models Display • IST Satellite Lab Visit • Satellite Models Display • Painting & Sketches Display • Mushaq Plane Demonstration • SUPARCO Exhibition Space fair shall be held at IST during the three day WSW celebration in Islamabad. To entertain the kids, a kid’s arena will be setup. Kids arena shall be set-up including Slide, Jumping castle, Tall-man, Dancing Fly Guy/ French Clown, Balloons and Cartoon characters. Several appetizing food stalls shall also be set-up for the refreshment. To cater the literary and informative needs of the visitors and participants, book stalls of different variety shall be on display. SUPARCO exhibition will be carried out throughout three days of WSW celebration. It will include different displays, visits and demonstration.
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Report on the Results:  A large number of visitors took keen interest in Space exhibitions which included Planetarium, Space Models Gallery, INTEL Science Fair, 1ST Satellite & UAV labs, MUSHAQ plane, Mobile library, Space Gala and Space Theatre. Kids Arena and different food stalls were also setup for the entertainment of young participants and visitors. The knowledge oriented space exhibitions and family fair continued for the first three days of the World Space week from 4-6 October.
Attendance:  1200
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Media Impressions:  260000
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