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Event ID:  4247
Contact Name:  Aerospace Department/Pablo Arizpe
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  52-01-743-7411015
Organization:  Universidad Politecnica Metropolitana de Hidalgo (UPMH)
Event Web Site:
Dates:  9th October 2013 to 9th October 2013
Physical Event: 
Type:  Public
Start/End Type: 
Country:  Mexico
State/Province:  Hidalgo
City:  Tolcayuca
Event Name:  Youth forum and aerospace activities
Event Description:  With the support of the Mexican Space Agency. On October 9th The Universidad Politecnica Metropolitana of Hidalgo(Mexico) will participate in the World Space Week with cultural activities, forums, aerospace experiments, flight simulation software, posters, etc. with the purpose that people of all ages, especially young people participate in space activities. This event will take place at the University facilities and begins at 9am to 5pm local time.
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Report on the Results:  The event started at 10:20am and finished at 7:00pm (Octuber 9) with good attendance of all ages from 17 to 55(mostly 18 years old), We made a young forum and We recorded the event. Thank you very much to AEM and UN.
Attendance:  366
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