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Event ID:  4501
Contact Name:  Marcos Nuñez George
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Contact Phone:  +52-2411183429
Organization:  Coordinación Estatal de Clubes de Matemáticas, Astronomia, Robotica y Ciencias USET
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Dates:  10th October 2013 to 30th March 2013
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Type:  Public
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Country:  Mexico
State/Province:  Tlaxcala
City:  Tlaxcala
Event Name:  28 Noches de Estrellas, Astronomic Clubs of Tlaxcala General Secundary School\'s
Event Description:  Friday october 10: Presentation in TV AND Local Radio the calandar of 28 Star Night. Every Thursday and Friday from October 17 to March 28, in or Secundary School the Astronomic, Science, Robotics and Mats Clubs, tranform the school in a big Planetary whit 8 classromm decortated with star, Photos, and ligth about subjets like Star, cluster, Solar System, etc, in this romos, the astronomic club from anoter secundary schols invited deploy explanation to invited, parents and student to the secundary school hostess. In each event we received between 2000 and 4000 visitors, the small secundary School have about 600 sutdent and the bigger ones have 1,500, each student invited at least 2 guest (Mom and Dad. The last astronomic observation period (Sept 2012-March 2013) we received 32,000 visitor (we Have 44 school but only 28 have Astronomic club whit telescope and only 20 organized star night), This year in the Observation Period all the astronomic club will have at least one star night or goal 60,000 visitors. 20 teacher were training by the NASA Mars Program in Arizona State on sept 2012 and sep 2013, then we used the Mars Material from this program in our class and Nigth Star with 2 Room specificaly to NASA Mars Program.
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