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Event ID:  7879
Contact Name:  Marcus Neustetter
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  +27829291569
Organization:  Rocket Factory
Event Web Site:
Dates:  12th October 2014 to 12th October 2014
Physical Event: 
Type:  Public
Start/End Type: 
Country:  South Africa
State/Province:  Gauteng
City:  Johannesburg
Location:  275 Commissioner Street, Jeppestown
Event Name:  Space Journey
Event Description:  For the launch of the Rocket Factory show space and bringing World Space Week to an end, Marcus Neustetter and POPArt together with Propertuity present an audio visual immersive experience with : SPACE JOURNEY Propertuity and the artists invite you to an image, light, and sound immersive performance for visitors coming to see the Rocket Factory show space. During this experience you will move up and down the main staircase of the building under construction plotting a series of journeys from the abstract and evocative to the imaginary and curious. Sunday 12 October, 12:00 - 15:00 Each experience takes approximately 15 minutes followed by an artist studio visit and a drink at the Pool Side Cafe cash bar. Limited access at a given time - first come first served. For more info, contact: About the Rocket Factory: A building, speculated to have once been a place where rocket parts were manufactured, carries its legacy in the artwork by Marcus Neustetter. This artwork has been proposed in conjunction with the coming transformation of the building. The facade artwork, a Google Earth trace of the area (a satellite's perspective sent to space by rockets), a rocket sculpture on the roof and an integrated design language throughout the building, marries artistic expression, reference to the mysteries and myths surrounding this building and contemporary living. Art, design and functional living are fused into a visionary new development - The Rocket Factory (279 Commissioner Street) About Marcus Neustetter Born 1976 in Johannesburg, Marcus Neustetter earned his Masters Degree in Fine Arts in 2001 from the University of the Witwatersrand. As an artist and cultural activist since then Neustetter has produced his projects in the gallery, public and virtual domain. A consistent focus in his art practice has been on the intersections of art, science and technology. His practice ranges from drawing, sculpture, installation, performance, video and multimedia to site-specific and socially engaged interventions. He has exhibited extensively in different parts of Europe, Africa and North America. In partnership with Stephen Hobbs, Neustetter is the co-director of The Trinity Session.
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