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Event ID:  8023
Contact Name:  KiwiSpace Foundation
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Dates:  16th October 2014 to 16th October 2014
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Type:  Public
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Country:  New Zealand
City:  Auckland
Event Name:  NZ\'s Space Program - Q&A with Sandy Tirtey from Rocket Lab
Event Description:  Rocket Lab surprised and delighted in July 2014 when they announced the ongoing development of Electron, a new orbital rocket for small-sats. Now's your chance to learn more! With a first launch anticipated in 2015, there's clearly a lot going on behind the scenes. So come along and meet Dr Sandy Tirtey - an experienced engineer from Belgium, who was also involved with Australia’s Scramspace project before coming to work with Rocket Lab. He'll give a 20 minute presentation on the new launch vehicle, and what it took to get to this point - and then take Q&A and more informal discussion about progress and the future. ---- About the Speaker: In 2013 Dr Sandy Tirtey became the vehicle team lead for Electron, responsible for the design of all structural elements, aerodynamics, and deployment systems in the launch vehicle. Sandy joined Rocket Lab from the University of Queensland (UQ, Brisbane) where he was the Technical Lead and Project Manager of the Scramspace I Scramjet propulsion free-flight experiment. Sandy managed the project’s flight-team who, in cooperation with DSTO and 12 others international partners, successfully built and flew the Scramspace I vehicle in September 2013. Sandy holds a PhD in Hypersonics from The von Karman Institute for Fluid Dynamics (VKI, Belgium) for his work on the ESA EXPERT hypersonic re-entry vehicle. A massive thanks to Sandy and Rocket Lab for this privilege!
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