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Event ID:  8574
Contact Name:  VUW Science Society
Contact Email:
Contact Phone:  0212095172
Organization:  VUW Science Society and Chiasma Wellington
Event Web Site:,
Dates:  2nd October 2015 to 2nd October 2015
Physical Event: 
Type:  Rocket Launch
Start/End Type: 
Country:  New Zealand
State/Province:  Wellington Region
City:  Wellington
Location:  To Be Confirmed
Event Name:  VUW Science Society and Chiasma Wellington presents: Rocket Building Competition
Event Description:  Competition: - Build launch pads and rocket with provided material and any chosen additional material under certain amount of expenditure. - Aim of competition is to build rocket to follow stable trajectory and land within target, located 30m from launch. Prizes: - Adjustable depending on level of sponsorship, initial proposal for providing members all with certificates of participation, and three lead prizes. - Potentially: winners will receive a 3D printed rocket, and a NASA space pen - As for cash prizes; 1st prize $500, 2nd $200, first $100 Registration and Lead Up - One month prior to competition, registration will open for two weeks, accompanied by non-compulsory information evening held at Carters - Optional workshop mid-late September for additional aid and information - Launch day, with the competition, and alternative additional entertainment for spectators and “family fun”. - Upon registration, teams will provide contact details and names of team members, as well as a team name, as well as $50 deposit for materials, to be returned upon attendance at competition. o Potentially have additional registration fee, to be confirmed. - Once registration is complete, they will be issues basic materials and “information and guidelines” pack. Funding materials - Sponsorship will be sought from a range of organizations - Depending on level of sponsorship attained will dictate levels of provision o Initial sponsorship will provide teams with materials o Further sponsorship will go into providing food at information evening and workshop, and further entertainment on the day for spectators o Sponsorship may extend to allow additional incentives for teams, such as “team shirts” with sponsor logos on them for team members and volunteers. On The Day - On the day, entry will be with a gold coin donation, collected for The Starship Foundation - Timing of the competition will be determined by number of teams signed up, however the general “Event” shall run from 10am-4pm on a Saturday. - Additional activities may include: o Mentos/soda drink rockets o Dry ice rockets o Bouncy castle o Non Newtonian Fluid o Space Suits o Sausage Sizzle – for further fundraising for Starship - These events will be held to provide further entertainment for spectators, to encourage public engagement, in addition to the teams themselves.
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