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Event ID:  9498
Contact Name:  Переяслова Наталья Львовна
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Contact Phone:  (8412)435756
Organization:  School 56RF Penza
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Dates:  3rd October 2015 to 9th October 2015
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Type:  School
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Country:  Russia
State/Province:  Пензенская область
City:  Пенза
Event Name:  School Space Week
Event Description:  Today, on October 5, many students of our school were able to travel virtually inside the space station and look out the window at stars .Why was that possible? Just at the school at 8.15 am Moscow time School Space Week started. It was interesting to learn about how spacemen worked, trained, lived, ate. Many secrets are kept in space. Maybe some of them will be given up during School Space Week. Arina German and Oksana Koroleva, Class 7 B This year, the students of our school take part in the first World Space Week! Space era began in our country with the launch of the first artificial Earth satellite on Oct. 4, 1957. In this regard, the 3 UN Conference on space decided to celebrate World Space Week from 4 to 10 October. An alumney of our school, Alexander Samokutyaev has flown into space twice, so events dedicated to the theme of space have become traditional at our school. At the opening ceremony on 5 October the auditorium of the school was attended by special guests: associate professor of Penza State University A.Marko, the chairman of Penza branch of the Russian Geographical Society I.Pantyushev. In his speech, A .Marko noted that after the World War II people dreamed of conquering space, of flights in space, not just of our daily bread. Those dreams had to be realized. Currently Russia is a leader in space exploration. Before the eyes of students at the school there is a good example of what a dream can come true. Once A. Samokutyaev, being a little schoolboy, wanted fly in space. And today he is an outstanding astronaut and the President of Penza branch of the Russian Geographical Society On behalf of the President diplomas for public activities, a great contribution to the preservation of culture, historical and natural heritage, for the help and support Penza branch of the Russian Geographical Society were awarded to students: Artem Kostromin, Class 9A, Alina Kruglova and Svetlana Zgonic, Class 9B, Anna Gorbyleva, Class 10A World Space Week at school was launched with virtual excursion on the International Space Station, which was conducted by A. Samokutyaev and colleague During School Space Week a variety of activities will take plase in which all students will take part : Small and Large Space Race, Volleyball Tournament for the Cup of Russian Hero cosmonaut A Samokutyaev, crosscycling. The students will visit Astronomical Museum, which sat down to work in our school. An exhibition of paintings and crafts My Space, a presentation of Mathematical project Challenges of the Week, Look into the Era and other activities will take place. We hope that all these children's activities can attract students and make a contribution to the development of their creative thinking. Students of Class 8 B Do you know what space food looks like? After visiting the College of Chemistry and Technology of Penza we’ve known what requirements the space food should meet. We have been to a real laboratory and turned into the true scientists for a while .We’ve done serious bio-chemical experiments. We’ve tried to find out, if it was possible to take everyday food like cookies or chocolate to space. Would you like to know anything about it? In that case we advise you to visit the College of Chemistry and Technology of Penza. And we are not going to give up the secret yet. Usova Uliana, Class 8 A “Poyehali!”-Let’s go! With this world-famous word Yuri Gagarin’s first flight to space started. And this bright word meant the beginning of space week in our school. On the 5th of October, early in the morning, students and guests, Assistant Professor of Penza State University A.Marko, the chairman of the Geographical Society of Penza I.Pantyshov, met in the Conference Hall of our school. The opening ceremony of the Space week was laconic but bright and made everybody take an active part in the different competitions of school space week. Nobody will be bored! The space museum, excursions to the Universities, the Space races- we can’t describe everything. It will be amazing! Krasochenkova Maria, Class 8 A School Space Week Museum of Astronomy 1. What secrets does the starry sky keep? What secrets does the starry sky keep? When and how did the Earth appear? How do the planets of the Solar System coexist? My classmates got answers on these questions while visiting the Museum of Astronomy. It turns out that complex processes and phenomena of the world around us can be explained if you are aware of the structure of our galaxy. A. A. Marco`s surprising story about incredible things made us change our mind about our Universe. But at first our students want to continue space travelling around the pages of interesting books. Proskurikova Daria, 8 B. 2. Today we`ve got unusual lessons in our school. Children have learnt about biological experiments of astronauts at the International Space Station. The work of a spaceman is a complex system of experiments in many areas. Let`s speak about robotics. Do you know that the robots have been working at the ISS for a long time? The modern assistant of spacemen Robonavt 2 is used for the research in space. What`s more, the analysis of the air is held at the ISS every day, the technologies of keeping the air optimal constantly develop. It is very important not only for the space station but also for the submarines on the Earth. One more point of exploration is growing of biomass under the conditions of the minimal gravitation. Soon greenhouses will appear at the ISS. What do we need it for? Firstly, it is necessary for the comfort of a spaceman who is cut off his home. What`s more, fresh vegetables are the source of vitamins for spacemen. Turnips, onions, tomatoes and wheat are successfully cultivated under the conditions of weightlessness. We have some more interesting facts. The flight to the Mars is being planned in the nearest time (in 2017). Perhaps our spacemen will be able to plant flowers on the distant red planet, and the lines from the famous Soviet song “Apple trees will blossom on the Mars, too…” will come true. Budnikova Nastya, 6 V. 3. What do spacemen eat under the conditions of weightlessness? The students of our school tried to answer this question at the technology lesson. It turns out that spacemen eat potatoes and cabbage but they differ from our vegetables. Space food put into special pockets is ingested faster and it is more comfortable for a spaceman during his flight. Gavrilova Dasha, 6 V. “Small Space Races” Races…A game like racing…Is it great? Yes it is! The students of primary school took part in the game “Small Space Races” and got the possibility to play, to learn, to design a spaceship model. Instead of the usual classrooms there were stops (“stations”) decorated with models of the Solar System planets and stars. Each station had many interesting tasks for the children. At the first station “Dancing with the Stars” the whole class organized the energetic dancing “flash mob”. It was great fun! At the next station called “The Astronomic Kaleidoscope” the students answered various questions and did space tasks. Judging by fast and correct answers we could say that our school has many future astronauts. After that the racers visited “The Space Designing Bureau” where they could design their own spaceships. The children are so inventive! They were able to play too. The participants’ happy faces proved that the “Small Space Races” were a success. Space Food As a part of the World Space Week, Penza State Technological University invites students of our school to the laboratory of the Chemistry Faculty where they get information about preparing food for spacemen. Despite the common opinion space food is not only some meal in tubes. More often spacemen use aluminum cans with sublimated food. All space food is produced with the help of sublimation. “Sublimation” is the process of freezing and drying in special vacuum ovens. While being dried ice becomes gaseous instead of its liquid state. As a result food loses moisture but the product doesn’t change its taste, colour, smell and keeps its useful qualities. In order to prepare such food, soup, for example, it is necessary to add some water into the powder and warm it. The same technology is used for preparing soluble coffee. Goryaev Oleg, 9 A. Mathematical Problem of the Week The project “Mathematical problem of the week” started on October, 6th. The opening ceremony was beyond all expectations. We predicted there would be plays, Maths problems, puzzles… But what was it? To be more exact, who was it? The spectators were amazed and surprised. The student of Penza State Technological University Erin Anatoly played the guitar brilliantly. So we understood that the great performance was waiting for us. Popko Daria`s song touched our hearts. But Queen of the Maths Kingdom was not pleased. Her Majesty Problem was sad because children didn’t like Maths and couldn’t solve problems. The hosts of the performance tried to prove the opposite. Children were suggested to do several tasks. Our students succeeded. Queen invited the cleverest, the most intelligent and the smartest pupils to take part in the fascinating trip around the Mathematical Kingdom. There were a lot of volunteers. To choose the best participants Queen issued an edict. The Edict Every week on Mondays you will be able to find one Maths problem for each class in the Maths classrooms and on the website of our school. You should send your e-mail with answers using this link: Don`t forget to mention your class, your surname and name. You have just one week to do this task. At the end of the first semester the winners will be awarded the title “Maths Master”, at the end of the second semester – “Doctor of Maths”, at the end of the third one – “Grandmaster of Maths”. At the end of the school year the winner of each age group will get the Maths Cup and his name will be written in the annals of our school. The highlight of the performance was a musical gift (the flash mob) from the students of Penza State Technological University. Penza State Technological University is a partner of the project “Mathematical Problem of the Week”. Lomskova Maria, 5 B
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