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  • This page shows the Events planned for and held in Romania during World Space Week
  • The list contains 50 events per page. The links at the bottom of the page can be used to view other sections of the list.
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Country State/Province City Event Name Year Details


Afghanistan Kabul Kabul Celebrating WSW-2009 2009Event Details
Algeria Constantine Constantine World Space Week Algeria 2009 2009Event Details
Argentina The whole country The whole country National Drawing Contest: Artistas Espaciales 2009Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney Blogs in Space 2009Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney Celestia software workshop 2009Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney From the Earth to the Universe 2009Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney Hands on space and astronomy activities for kids 2009Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney Rond0xr 2009Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney samuel 2009Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney Spaceworld workshop 2009Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney Talks After Noon-The New Solar System 2009Event Details
Australia NSW Sydney Up, Up and Away! 2009Event Details
Austria Lower Austria Melk 1000 Years History Of Astronomy 2009Event Details
Austria Ober Linz Hagenberg Watching the SUN 2009Event Details
Austria Tyrol Innsbruck Adventure Cosmos 2009Event Details
Austria Vienna Vienna Abenteuer Weltraum (Adventure Space) 2009Event Details
Bolivia Tarija, La Paz, Santa Cruz, Sucre, El Alto, Cochabamba Semana Mundial del Espacio, Encuentro Nacional de Astronomia 2009Event Details
Brazil Cear Juazeiro do Norte Juazeiro do Norte in the World Space Week 2009Event Details
Brazil Espirito Santo Vit Astrocine especial miss 2009Event Details
Brazil Rio Grande do Norte Parnamirim Semana Mundial do Espa 2009Event Details
Bulgaria Varna Astronomical observations of the Sun , Moon and Jupiter 2009Event Details
Bulgaria region Pleven, municipality Dolna Mitropolia village Baykal Space rockets in the classroom 2009Event Details
Bulgaria Sliven Sliven Space telescopes - a new era in astronomical research 2009Event Details
Bulgaria Varna Varna The Man and the Space 2009Event Details
Bulgaria Varna Varna World Space Week 2009Event Details
Canada BC Langley World Space Week Contact with Robert Thirsk on the ISS 2009Event Details
Canada British Columbia Hazelton A bord de la SSI Video 2009Event Details
Canada Manitoba Winnipeg Explore Science Zone 2009Event Details
Canada Ontario Hamilton Celebrate World Space Week 2009Event Details
Canada Ontario Ottawa tasha9503 2009Event Details
Canada Ontario Toronto Public Seminar: Exploring the space, discovering Earth 2009Event Details
Canada Quebec Rigaud Vive l'espace! 2009Event Details
China Beijing Beijing GALAXY FORUM (BEIJING) / 银河论坛 (北京) 2009Event Details
China N/A Hong Kong Learning Geography from the Space: Using Satellite Remote Sensing in Geography Teaching 2009Event Details
China N/A Hong Kong SAR Astronomy Carnival 天文嘉年華 2009Event Details
China N/A Hong Kong SAR ASTRONOMY FILM SHOWS - Naked Science: Birth of the Solar System 天文電影 - 科學新發現:太陽系的誕生 2009Event Details
China N/A Hong Kong SAR Introduction to Ancient Chinese Astronomy 2009Event Details
China N/A Hong Kong SAR One Star of Astronomy Certificate Course 天文一星證書課程(香港天文學會三星天文基礎觀測計劃) 2009Event Details
China N/A Hong Kong SAR School Visit to the Satellite Remote Sensing Receiving Station of CUHK 2009Event Details
China N/A Hong Kong SAR World Space Week - Splendour of Autumn Night Skies 世界空間週 - 秋季星空巡禮 2009Event Details
Colombia Antioquia Medellin Celebracion 25 a 2009Event Details
Colombia Atl Barranquilla Especial Radial: Semana Mundial del Espacio 10 a 2009Event Details
Colombia Atlantico Barranquilla Espacio para la Educaci 2009Event Details
Colombia Atlantico Barranquilla Foro Intercolegial Astronomico 2009Event Details
Colombia Atlantico Barranquilla Skyler Cafam 2009Event Details
Colombia Atlantico Barranquilla , Soledad, Puerto Colombia Promoviendo Cultura , espacio para la educacion 2009Event Details
Colombia Atlantico Puerto Colombia Espacio para la Educaci 2009Event Details
Colombia Cundianamarca BOGOT SEMILLERO DE ASTRONOM 2009Event Details

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